my art at home

I would be pleased to create an artwork for you that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle. The work will be a very personal expression of your individual tastes and desires with the goal of achieving an aesthetically harmonious living environment. If desired, I would be happy to come to your home to ensure that the piece will be uniquely and perfectly tailored to your needs, space, and style.

Watching you, 2017
mistico II, 2016
Bolzano, Italy
allegria, 2016
Steinheim, Germany
woman with hand on face, 2016
Schwanfeld, Germany
amore, 2016
corallo, 2014
Schwanfeld, Germany
woman with red shoes, 2012
Schwanfeld, Germany
magic, 2016
store 'Seelenlust', Coburg, Germany
woman with green eyes, 2014
orange flowers, 2014
summer wind, 2012
Siena, Tuscany
emotions, 2014
between heaven and earth, 2014
make me dream, 2014