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Lots of green, a lot of structure and everything very organic - this is how my this year‘s collection presents itself:

        Atelier Elisabetta   *    Via Castello 38   *    right next to the castle

My paintings express the magic world of my inner being and bring my creative cosmos to the canvas - a world of mystery, dreams and wonder. This intimate realm offers a bounty of new discoveries and surprises to all those who enter it.

I love playing with color, e.g. the tension between warm earth tones and fruity-fresh pastel shades; the cool contrasted with the warm. I give my colors a lot of space so that they can develop and unfold, express lightness and transparency. My art is a door to hidden inner worlds.

Happiness lies in the moment. And the moment, in its pure simplicity, is what I want to capture in my paintings. This can be expressed in soft circles of color and finely drawn lines, or in floating color-fields that hover in the painting like buoyant symbols. In their essence, my paintings strive to evoke exhilaration and playfulness, sensibility and poetry.

Enjoy my art!

Yours, Elisabetta


lake of garda

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